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Customized to meet your diverse transportation requirements

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the delivery of Documents/Non-Documents, all types of cargo – high value, critical and urgent shipments across India and globally. Through our 200+ major hubs, 850+ sub hubs, 3300+ total branches, and 70,000+ delivery points across India, we ensure smooth movement of shipments through every nook and corner of the country. We also have a strong international connect and offer quick and secure delivery to over 200 countries. Furthermore, we offer a robust web-based tracking system to ensure you stay updated of consignment status.

Our services include:

National & Domestic Service

Express Service

To ensure your time-sensitive, urgent documents/parcels reach their destination in time, we offer express service. The service includes next-day delivery on a priority basis and covers all the metros, major cities, as well as towns.

Surface Cargo

All your bulk consignments are transported via our fleet of vehicles and leased railway wagons along with other modes to various stations/destinations all over India. With the help of container LCVs, we ensure added safety and on-time delivery for the transit of surface cargo.

Air Cargo

We have partnership with air cargo agencies of all major airlines for the delivery of critical & priority shipments such as medicines and vaccines, perishable commodities such as fruits and vegetables and other time-sensitive cargo by air transport. Based on customer needs, we provide door-to-door delivery of air cargo shipments within 24 to 48 hours.

Logistic Solutions

We are your one-stop-shop partner for all logistics needs. We have world-class warehouse storage facilities and have extensive expertise in procurement, storage, processing, packaging and dispatch of goods.

Pick & Pack

We specialize in packaging and processing. We provide picking, assembling, packing and dispatch of documents/parcels/goods in boxes, envelopes or any form of secure package as per your specifications.

Dawn to Dusk

For your priority and time-sensitive consignment, we offer same day service across the country. With this service, deliveries booked in the morning are delivered by evening on the same day.

Mass Mail

This empowers customers to outsource processing and handling of Bulk Mails. This includes Mobile Phone Bills, Interest Warrants, Annual Reports, AGM Notices, Product Promotional Literature, Seasonal Greetings, etc.

Ad & Add

This service includes handling and delivery of printed materials in bulk such as Magazines, Periodicals, Trade Samples, and Advertisement Materials.

Surfing Channel

Get customer responses for your surveys - This is designed as a searching channel to fulfil your needs, with support from responses & help to channel client business.

Special Messenger Service

This service is designed for delivery of sensitive/confidential documents. Special messenger service is useful for delivery to a designated person, Holiday delivery as well as delivery on a specific time.

International Service

Global Express

All documents & non-documents are delivered worldwide at highly economical costs. Our ability to select the optimal mode of operational connectivity gives us an edge in providing faster services.

University Express

Special Messenger Services are available for exclusive deliveries of University applications for students. >