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Home Operations

Convenient. Systematic. Cost-Effective.

All our operations are based on the hub & spoke concept and aim to offer cost-effective, reliable and timely services as the key criterion. Through our extensive domestic and international network operations, we ensure the smooth and speedy movement of loads.

Our network across India encompasses over 200+ Major Hubs and 850+ support Hubs with more than 3300+ branches, ensuring our network╩╝s connectivity to 70,000+ Destinations in India.

Our International Gateways at Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata & New Delhi ensure smooth working for International Operations while co-ordinating with our International Business Associate hubs located at New York, Dubai, Singapore and London.

We execute the dispatch of our loads through our Fleet of Vehicles, Leased Railway Wagons, and via On Travel Courier (OTC) by Train or Transport. It is also carried out through On-Board Courier (OBC) by commercial flights and Special Messenger Services (SMS) across the Country.

Complete Traceability

We are committed to providing affordable delivery service adhering to strict time schedules while maintaining high-quality standards. Systematic documentation provides support for efficiency in operations and enables complete traceability of all consignments. Our advanced track and trace.