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The Professional Couriers International services Connecting over 200 Countries

The Professional Couriers International service aims at providing an economical, timely, and quality service across the globe. With its great degree of operational versatility and express reach, it guarantees time-definite delivery worldwide. With a seamless tracking facility, customers can monitor shipments across the globe. Using the latest technology and automated facilities, our international service is designed to meet the highest standards of express delivery services.

With a global alliance in over 200 countries and 4 international gateways in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Kolkata, our international operations are established in Dubai/UAE and Singapore. They function as the international hubs for ensuring connectivity and facilitating fast and smooth delivery.

Our International Service includes -

Global Express

All consignments are delivered worldwide at the most economical rates and superior connectivity, giving us a cutting edge for faster services that are customized to every requirement.

University Express

Special Messenger Services are made available for exclusive deliveries of university applications of students.