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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Professional Couriers (TPC) has always believed in 'Connecting Distances', even in times of distress. Since its inception, TPC have been a service-oriented Courier & Cargo company, with an infrastructure to deliver across nations utilizing the dedicated work force & a network of branches. The vision has always been to be at the forefront in providing assistance to the people who need it the most, which is why Corporate Social Responsibility is always a priority.

With this vision as its foundation, The Professional Couriers Charitable Trust was established in the year 2009. On the inclination of the Directors, the Trust was set up to create a fund to provide financial assistance to anyone who’s suffering from illnesses and needs medical care. With the help of the generous contributions made every month by the Employees and Directors of The Professional Couriers, The Professional Couriers Charitable Trust has been able to fulfil its mission of assisting the needy.


The state of Kerala was affected severely with floods in the year 2018, due to unusually high rainfall in the monsoon season. According to the Government of Kerala, one-sixth of the total population had been directly affected by the floods. In order to help the people who were affected by this catastrophic event, the Chief Minister Sri Pinarayi Vijayan established a Distress Relief Fund.

The Professional Couriers has always tried to help the people of our nation in every possible way. As part of the Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, every donation made was delivered through TPC’s own fleet and Associates.

Along with the delivery of the donations, TPC also contributed to the Relief Fund. Around Rs 25 lakhs were raised in terms of Money, Food & Clothing. TPC along with their 100 employees participated in the flood relief activity.


The 2019 floods in five districts of Western Maharashtra affected lakhs of people.

About 4,00,000 were evacuated and 30 people died in the rain-related incidents.

The Professional Couriers raised approximately Rs 15 lakhs for the affected areas. TPC along with its 100 employees participated & spent 3 days in the flood relief activities in Sangli & Kolhapur Areas.


Affecting 13 states in total, the 2019 floods wrecked havoc in Tamil Nadu. A total of 4,399 flood-prone areas had been identified across the state and the people were in peril.

50 TPC employees participated in the flood relief activities and worked to help the devastated people in the affected areas of Chennai. Over the span of 5 days, TPC along with its employees walked through the flood waters and managed to distribute 300 medical and essentials kits to numerous needy people.

The Professional Couriers also contributed ₹ 10 Lakh worth of necessities that consisted of money, food and clothing for the people in the afflicted parts of Tamil Nadu. Lending a helping hand to the people and participating in philanthropic causes always takes precedence for TPC, which is why Corporate Social Responsibility takes priority.